Monday, 3 April 2017


It is a new season and Spring always is a renewal of all things. Birds return to nest and life starts anew. Trees and grass come back to life and plants start their growth for another new season.

I too have started to renew. It has been a tough time coming to this point however life continues and so must I. Family and friends alike have been with me all the way. Thank God for this. Many changes in the last 7 months have made my transition easier.

My Faith has kept me strong and I will always be grateful and thankful I have Jesus to guide me through the good times and the tough testing times! Stay with me and keep up the Faith.

Happy New Spring!!

Friday, 4 November 2016

Being Strong

It is now November and many things have completely changed in my world from my last post back in January 2016.  I have had many people around me being supportive, lifting me up, caring about me and I am truly grateful.  Boots left this earth in February which was a very tough time for both Larry and me.  With Larry now gone it makes the days much more difficult to get through.  However, in all this I have put my trust in the Lord and He has guided me through.  Placing many people by my side to give me strength.  It is the Lord who has given me my strength through these times and will continue to do so.

I thank Him for all the wonderful people He has placed in both Larry's and in my life.  Our family has been a great comfort and as time goes by I know I can count on them.

Thank you to all who have been there for both Larry and me in these really hard times.  God Bless all of you for He is good and so are all of you!

Saturday, 16 January 2016

A Cold Day

Here it is the middle of January and we have a very cold day today! We have been Blessed with awesome weather this year so far. A bit of snow for our husky to play in and today a little cooler then it has been. It is also my daughter's birthday today. My how time flies by. I just finished a birthday a couple weeks ago and my baby girl is now another year older today.

I look forward to spending some time with her and the grandchildren in the very near future. As for the cold day today, we will take Boots for a walk in the country, enjoy the crisp, cool temps and later enjoy time with our neighbor over a cup of hot toddy! Enjoy life as it comes.  It's a gift!

Saturday, 26 December 2015

Christmas Greetings

Merry Christmas to one and all.  Another Christmas year has come and gone. Does anyone remember why we celebrate Christmas?  The hussel and bussel to ready for the season and have gifts bought for all. But it is not about all the gifts and food or the holiday cheer. Its about the baby Christ Child born on Christmas day to save us all from our sins. How many people remember or know this?

It is to easy to forget as we make our plans for the season.  Christ is the reason for the season!  Let's not forget that is why we have a Christmas.

So I'd like to wish to one and all a Joyful Christmas because Christ was born and He's with us all year long! May joy be in your heart because Jesus was born on Christmas day and is with you always.

Sunday, 13 September 2015


Here it is almost September 14, 2015.  It has been 1 month since I'm on holidays. Shortly I will retire from my 25 year career with the RCMP.  It has been a great career and I have enjoyed my time there.  Now on to new adventures which I'm sure will take me to places I've not been to before.  Sure I will be able to see my grandchildren more. In fact I get to look after 1 of them for part time!  These are the special times as they grow so fast.

I will be spending more quality time with my husband Larry!  We usually do a lot of things together and now we hope to do more but different things together.  Looking forward to free time for other things now that I'm retiring.

Here's to retirement!!

Thursday, 23 July 2015


It is already July 23, 2015.   Only 16 working days left till August 14, 2015 when I go on holidays and then on October 5, 2015 I retire from my career.  The 25 years have gone quickly and before I knew it retirement was close at hand.  I'm excited and have some plans.  It's a new way to start the next exciting time of my life.  Looking forward to new adventures.

Saturday, 11 April 2015


Hello to all those out there who love to travel!  Larry and I usually don't take a plane anywhere but because of medical reasons have to fly to Ottawa a few times.  We have now flown 2 times & both times on our return trip have had our flights cancelled or delayed.  This second time delay meant staying in Winnipeg over night.  Of course Air Canada has covered the cost but it sure has left us thinking travel via air is not the way to go.

Perhaps another air line will work better for us next time.  We'll see about that.  All in all the hotel we are at is great & along with our free vouchers for meals we will get by.  I think we'll stick to road travel!  Till next time....

Fair weather travel everyone.